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Subscribe or Purchase Up Front?


Choose between subscribing (paying monthly) or purchasing (paying once up front). Or even mix and match. Since paying up front saves us some in processing fees, we've dropped the total price a little. Here's the difference.

Subscribe: Each week the next episode in the series is added to your account. You'll receive an email reminder and the episode will appear "unlocked" in My Dashboard. Cancel any time.

Purchase: You'll gain immediate access to all the episodes which have launched already. New episodes will be added to your account as they launch (weekly). Cancel any time and the remaining episodes will be prorated and refunded.

When you subscribe to/purchase more than one series, you'll get a significant discount applied to your order. For example, for two subscriptions, pay just $6 per series per month (versus $7). If you pay up front, pay just $30 per series when you get two.

We'll discount you when you subscribe to or purchase more than one series.

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