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In the City of the Big Castle


Series se·ries /sirēz/

  1. A set of stories involving a recurring group of characters in the same world.

We’re passionate for listening and reading

Whenever you purchase an episode (individually, part of a bundle, or with a season pass) your family receives the audiobook and the ebook. They belong to you.


Download and put them on all your family’s devices. Or stream online on the episode page.


Listen as a family. Or let everyone listen on their own devices. Headphones are great, aren’t they?


Read their favorites to them. And you do the voices. Or let them read it to you!

This is How it all Works

Episodes: At the Heart of Everything


An episode is one complete story. A typical episode is 20-25 min.


Seasons are groups of episodes. A typical season has twenty.


A series is the complete storyline. Its made up of one or more seasons.

Purchase Options & Pricing

There’s an option for every family: episodes, bundles, and season passes.




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Just a taste.
Each episode can be purchased individually and will delight as standalone stories.



for four

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Enough to binge listen.
Episodes can be bought in bundles for a discounted price.

Season Pass


per month

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Never miss an episode.
The biggest savings come with our season pass. Each week the next episode in the series will be magically added to your account.

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