September 26, 2016 | Evan Brammer | Apps, How To

Bound App (iOS) Makes Offline Listening a Breeze

The first time one of my boys asked if they could do something on my iPhone – I cringed. “This is worth hundreds of dollars! Hand’s off!” I thought.

Now I don’t give a second’s pause before sailing my (case-protected) phone through the air to my son on the couch who wants to find the best way to get an ender pearl in Minecraft. Times change, I guess.


Our kid’s use our devices. The big ones and the baby ones, too.

So let’s keep it simple.

Each of your episodes (remember, you own them) can be streamed online.  Just go to the series page, click “Listen Now” and go for it.

Let the kids listen while you have a cup of coffee and breathe a little.

But what if you aren’t near wifi or don’t want to use your data? Download them!

In our family, we use the Bound audio app ($2.99 for iOS); to make it easy for the kids to start listening quickly.  Bound links to your Dropbox account meaning you can load the audiobook format from Story Moment to the app on your phone without having to plug your phone into iTunes.

Save to Dropbox, Open in Bound.

This only works if you have a Dropbox account, of course.  Otherwise, you can add the .mp3 files manually using iTunes on your computer as you would any music file.

1. Tap the “Download Audio” button.


2. Next, tap the icon that looks like a box with an arrow at the top.  This opens the settings.


3.  Tap the “Save to Dropbox” icon.


4. Choose a folder you want to keep the files in.


5. Now go the Bound App and click the + in the upper right.  Work through the steps to link your Dropbox account to Bound and show it where you saved the stories.  And done.  Listening on demand.



The audiobook format of each episode will play in any app that can load .mp3’s.  iBooks will play them, as will iTunes. The Bound app isn’t necessary.  But we like it.

How do you listen to Story Moment?  Tell us in the comments.

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