Quick Start Guide

Story Moment is a marketplace of original, high-quality story series. A resource to entertain and educate children while providing pockets of free time for parents.
1. Register an Account and Sign In
2. Choose a Series, click "Buy a Season Pass", then go through Checkout
3. Access Your Episodes on the Series Page


Series are complete storylines made up of one or more seasons.


Seasons are groups of episodes. A typical season has twenty.


An episode is a single story with The Complete Book Experience.

The Complete Book Experience

With each episode you own both the audio and the eBook format. This gives you the flexibility to use the story in whatever way best fits your child at that moment.

The Audio Format

Each story is professionally performed and spoken at an easy pace to capture the imaginations of young and older listeners alike. Stories are typically between 18-25 minutes.

The eBook Format

We've designed our eBooks with emphasis formatting to engage young readers with playful colors and fonts that pop off the screen to help them focus. They'll work on any device.

Online or Offline. No Problem!

You own each episode. Stream or read online. Download onto all your devices.

How A Season Pass Works

Parenting requires enough decision-making. When everything is breaking down (what we call a Story Moment), you need to be able to quickly push play. With a Season Pass, episodes are ready in your account - when you need them. As a subscription service, new episodes are added to your account each week. Access the audiobook and eBook on that serie's page.

The Breakdown:

  • Billed $6.95 at the start of a subscription/season pass and then once every 4 weeks through the length of the season (typically 5 months, which is 20 episodes). Cut the first month in half by using firstmonth at checkout.
  • Each week the next episode in the season is automatically added to your account. Access them on the Series page.
  • You own the episode forever. Download or stream. They're always available.
  • You get the Complete Book Experience with every episode.
  • No commitment. Cancel anytime. At the end of the Season we'll encourage you to try a new series but your episodes remain yours.

Explore the Series and Buy a Season Pass

We created Story Moment to be a resource to parents. Our desire is to create fantastic, fun story episodes that your children will enjoy and grow with which provide you a few extra moments each day.
Season One

Honza + Dash: In the City of the Big Castle

Honza is a field mouse, born and raised in the country. Will he survive life in the City of the Big Castle? Honza finds help and friendship with Dash, a girl-mouse from the City and Flicker, a bumbling pigeon.

Season One

The Fantastical Fox Family

There is a thin line between the ordinary and the extraordinary. Where the mundane becomes magical and the realistic turns fantastical. Jack, Charlie and Penelope Fox know just where that line is. And they've erased it.

Coming Soon

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