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Our mission is to equip parents with wholesome story series to encourage their children towards a deeper faith in Jesus.
Each of our stories is part of a series (21 episodes). It is a complete story on its own, but also contributes to the greater storyline. Every episode comes as both an audiobook and an ebook. We want you to have both so that you can decide how best to use a Story Moment episode with your children.
Each series follows the challenges and adventures of a unique cast of characters; from a country mouse learning to live in the big city for the first time; to young pirate brothers who've sold everything to sail the high seas in search of a long lost treasure; to three very special children who have discovered the line between fantasy and reality, and have erased it.
The high-quality audiobook is about 18-25 minutes. Perfect for car rides, the waiting room, or playing in the background at bedtime. Listen together as a family or let them listen on their own.
The companion eBook fits perfectly on your smartphone or tablet. We've emphasized certain words with fun colors and fonts to draw your child into the story. It's an immersive reading experience. Pop-out pages with familiar icons guide them while letting their imaginations complete the picture.
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Suggested Uses

Make Story Moment Work for You

For the Kids
Use 1
Waiting Room
Lower their anxiety
Use 2
Car Rides
Quiet down the chaos
Use 3
Add order and routine
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Use 4
Quiet Playtime
A launchpad for the imagination
Use 5
Focus their attention
For Mom & Dad
Use 6
Coffee Break
A chance to breathe
Use 7
Quick Read
A chapter or maybe two
Use 8
Meal Prep
Chop onions with less tears
Load More
Use 9
Chore? Done.
The vacuuming can get done
Use 10
"Me" Time
Check an email, read a blog